LoveBlackSelf is a movement designed to unite and teach black people the ways of loving themselves from the inside out.
The site started as a discussion with other black people and noticing that there was a significant loss of self and love within the community. So, we brainstormed and came up with Loveblackself in hopes of closing the self-love gap amongst our people.
LoveBlackSelf offers a variety of services that assists black people. Our blogs and videos offer valuable information, which is based on experiences, quotes, research, and more. Some ideas might be deemed controversial, but it makes for great discourse! Our podcasts discuss the current state of the black self through a variety of topics. Lastly, we offer non-medical, non- therapeutic, text-based consultation services that strives to alleviate the mental stress black people endure. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to.
We at LoveBlackSelf engage with the people in multiple ways. Through our website, we use blogs, podcasts, videos, and our chat box to stay connected. We are also very active on social media platforms Facebook, lnstagram, and Twitter. We will expand to other medias as time goes on. We also have our text-consultation services as well as our highly recommended newsletter, Blactually News.
A subscription is not mandatory, but it is HIGHLY encouraged. A subscription gives you access to LoveBlackSelf beyond the website as well as exclusive newsletters, merchandise (coming soon!), one-on-one connections, and so much more!
Our full, explicitly stated Return/Refund policy is on our website under ‘Supplies and Services.’ There is absolutely no returns or refunds on items purchased. We at LoveBlackSelf will work with individuals on a case-by-case basis to resolve any matters that may arise.
Anyone who is seeking to understand and connect with black people is welcome to join and participate on this site. Our site and materials are designed for individuals 18 and over.
Consultation Services are prepaid and conducted through text message only. Once you have paid and written consent is exchanged, a text message conversation begins and ends within the time frame purchased.
Blactually News primarily focuses on domestic affairs relating to black people. However, Blactually may also delve into topics abroad as well. The newsletter is social commentary on the state of black people, references to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, current events, and overall topics and images that keep black people informed.
Our podcasts and videos will be available on other platforms as we begin to expand and create content. YouTube will be an additional resource for videos and more, but we do plan to be accessible on other sites.
Any website takes time and energy and needs funds to run. Your generous donations will be used towards website maintenance, upgrades, tech support and research. Loveblackself wants to provide a smooth, seamless experience for our readers and subscribers.
LoveBlackSelf is for the advancement of black people. But we are advocating for all races to understand the Black experience, view their roles in it, and how to do better.