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1 on 1 TEXT Consultation Services Q&A

5 Minute Q&A- $10.00

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10 Minute Q&A- $20.00

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How the text consultation will be conducted:

  1. Receipt of purchase from Loveblackself website
  2. Signing Form of Acknowledgment received via email
  3. The text number is then distributed to you for the period paid for
  4. After consultation with Loveblackself, you will receive a thank-you note. 

To sufficiently benefit from this consultation service, it is vitally important that you adhere to the following guidelines:

-keep the questions related to the talking points of this site (see topics in blog section).

-have internet connection up and running necessary to text. (I am not responsible for poor internet service on your end).

-follow agreed upon appointment time.

– make payment prior to consultation.

-sign a form of acknowledgment (before the start of service) for consultation services.

Disclaimer: The views expressed during the consultation and commentary are solely those of the Loveblackself website and is not intended to replace any medical and/or professional advice. The consumer is always encouraged to seek medical and/or professional advice if/when needed.

Return Policy

ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL. Loveblackself does not offer exchanges, returns, or refunds, of any kind, on any service or materials offered. Please read all necessary agreements before submitting a payment.